Ribeira Sacra

Harvesting by hand between rivers.

Recognized as a D.O. since 1996, Ribeira Sacra is the only wine producer region in Galicia, producing mainly red wine. Almost all of it made with Mencía grapes along with a very limited production of white wines made with Godello grapes.

The vineyards, located in the steep hills of the canyons at the creek of Sil and Miño rivers, have an irrigation and cultivation system created by the Romans 2,000 years ago (terraces). After a few invasions from different cultures, the region was rescued by the monks, who built monasteries along the riverbank and gave the region the name of Ribeira Sacra “Sacred Riverbank” in Galician, the official language of the region.  It is not possible to use the modern technology in this region, due to its peculiar topography.

The steep inclines can reach angles of 85 degrees. It is for this reason that the idea of banked terraces was invented. This elevated terrain makes D.O. Ribeira Sacra one of the most unique regions of mountain viticulture. The terraces are today, one of the defining features of the landscape and they give the grapes their special characteristics. It is due to the difficulty of working these steep terrains that the work is known as “Heroic Viticulture”.

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